Emergency Making Aid

200 mask shields, 3d printed by emergency Emergency Making Aid, and delivered to Athena hospital

Emergency Making Aid is a local, bottom-up initiative of makers, architects, researchers and creators who began two weeks ago in Athene, Greece, to respond in an immediate way, to the urgent needs of protective wear for medical personnel in the hospitals, in the midst of the current pandemic situation.Due to the particularity of the protective wear, which should be safe for use by the medical personnel, we came up with an customised model of face shields, based on the open design files which the company Prussa has shared widely: https://www.prusa3d.com/covid19/.Inspired by the initiative of the social coop enterprise CommonsLab in Heraklion, Crete, but also similar efforts in Europe and America, and due to our engagement with the field of the commons, open technologies and making, we were mobilized, aiming at contributing directly to the first urgent needs of the hospitals, for protective equipment for their medical personnel.Our team is a local-scale self-organised initiative that serves as a bridge of unmediated and immediate coverage of specific and identified needs for protective equipment. So far, we have covered in an immediate and solidary way needs related to the construction and donation of protective shields to the medical and nursing staff of two hospitals. However, these days we felt the need to create this page in order to make our action more widely known and to ask for your help to be able to cover the costs of the materials.So far, we have made and donated 115 protective shields.We want to act in coordination and in contact with any other collective / team / initiative that at the current situation is contributing actively and in solidarity, so as to:a. To share openly the know-how that we have developed and we are shaping in a day- to -day basis.b. To respond to any further making and coordinating needs, that may arise, in terms of constructing and distributing the protective equipment.We participate and support the open network of cooperation for the production of medical equipment of Menoume Mazi: https://menoumemazi.org.If you are willing to contribute towards this effort with a small donation for the purchase of new material, it would be extremely helpful for us. If so, please do contact us via email at emergency.making.aid@gmail.com.


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