Interdependent infrastructures

Such infrastructures may be diverse in scope and in shape, but they seem to share a desire to create the conditions for their interdependency in terms of their governance models, the values they embrace and the principles they promote. What then are these values, how can we make sense of them and put them in practice? In this stream, we would like to explore the very concept and practice of inderdepedent infrastructures. What are interdependent infrastructures? Are there differences between the “Global North” and “Global South” in their understanding of infrastructures? Is hacking technological system(s) and communication networks from within also considered an autonomously interdepedent infrastructure?

  •  1.1 Feminist servers

In addition to several meeting on this thematic (Are you being served, THF, Ministry of hacking), drawing a feminist server manifesto we’ve been building our own servers, to reclaim our tools, our autonomy, chosen independancies and our own digital spaces.

  • 1.2. Opensource collaborative platforms

In addition to feminist servers, we use Free open source software and Operating systems. We are also interested in teaching cybersecurity basics and support the community use of alternative to the GAFA oligarchy (Google, Amazon, Facebook, Apple).

  • For videoconferences:
  • As alternative to Google :
  • Framasoft offers a very large variety of multilingual, free, safe and easy to use online tools
  • also allow to share and collaborate on documents, send and receive email, manage your calendar and have video chats without data leaks

For uncrypted emails:

To host our domain names

For mapping

  • 1.3  Decolonial infrastructures

Anticolonial hacking, decolonisation of technologies are bringing us toward more critical thinking but mostly, to changes of paradigm in regard with the technologies that we choose to develop, and unbuilt.In so many cases, technological development is in it self, a colonial gesture. How do actors of decolonial sciences and technologies look at owning their own infrasctructures ?

  • 1.4 Her Stories

To many sciences and tech related stories have white male heroes. We re inspired by women, trans and queer people that make an other stories, her stories. That includes science fiction writers and characters, scientist and programmers, that shapes our imaginations and desires, but most of all, it s also to take down the heroes, and bring back collective movement and empowerment, sororities and intercultural, inter-generational and interspecies solidarities.