Financial Co-Responsibility

We’ll use a transparent financial coresponsibility system, to share financial resources around needs among us.This new paradigm in sustainable community also called MoneyPiles ( allow us to matching resources to needs. We’ve been already functioning that way and and this is going to be part of our resilient system and pedagogy. Along with a fair sharing of what we need, we ll also work on a transparent share of who know and do what.
Below is a list of what it take to do this project, our skill and required resources:
For each section, we would like to present :  Activities –  time estimation – cost estimation – resources estimation – skill estimation – person

1. Technological Infrastructure Human Work:    |Research, decisions & documentation of Free Open Source Tools| 20 h  |  400Euros|   |  Tech-savy |   |    |Sysadmin | 3h/week- 160h |  3200 | Tech-savy |  Kristina ? |     |  Web development :   3h/week  |    Content management : 5h /week   |   Design  |  20h   |  Collaboration and Communication Facilitation  | 3h/week    | Documentation work  |  3h/week  |          Material Cost :   Hardware Cost, Management and upgrade :    Web Hosting  :   Contribution for communication tools (whereby, signal, Riseup)  Video Hosting            

2. A Restorative Paradigm  Workshops : 250euros / workshops  Material Production (included in the workshop)  Care for conflicts :  5h/week Documentation :  : 3h/week Design and editing : 3h/week
3. Sustainable Ecologies field work : Seeds : Material : workshops : Production of Video
4. Feminist Pedagogies Text Documentation : Video and Audio Documentation : Production of material 

5. General Coordination work Budgeting and Accounting Coordination meetings:Hacking with Care : workshops, advises and care team: Communication and workshops/ vent planification