Sustainable Ecologies

Toward a solidarity network of experiences and learn platform,feeding, gardening investigation,interspecies colab 3.1- BioAutonomy Transfeminist health and DIWO practices from plant threatments to inverse engieneringdevices for a Autonomous Mobile Lab that could be use for ecology practices and investigation. 3.2- feeding/ simbiotic / microorganismos : bioreactores,fermentaciones y probioticos

  •  algae farmers  : La Spirulina como ejemplo de cianobacteria y sus múltiples usos para apaliar el hambre y mantener un organismo equilibrado de proteinas y vitaminas. 
  • Fermented products for health and threathments 
  •  Probiótics and their importance of a balance organism.

3.3- envioremental rivers and bioremediation

  •  threatment of grey water based on natural green chemistry: Phytdepuration 

3.4 Land Restoration