Sustainable Infradisciplinary Restorative Network

We are queer feminist makers and hackers, coming from a diversity of minority cultures. We form a network of networks of experts, researchers and practitioners using Open Source and Citizen Science from a Feminist and Ecological perspective grounded in earthian solidarity and horizontal collaboration.

Our goal is to create a platform of skills, that can sustain solidarity and empowerment for resilience and restoration in feminist tech and grassroot communities, collectives and families. 

The platform Restorative infrastructure will gather our existing knowledge and practices, it will also foster workshops and highlight case studies, about ecologies (seeds, gardening, land restoration), technologies (collaborative platforms, autonomous infrastructures, free open source software, hardware making and reparation, health related 3d prints), human relation (self and collective care, mutual help psychologies, conflict resolution and restorative circles and systems) and feminist pedagogies (Do It With Others, online and onsite facilitation, inclusive organisation). Restoration is not only about resilience, it is grounded in long lasting, in abilities to repair, make a new, sustains, seeds. Restoration is a paradigm. The intention of this platform is to create accessible learning contexts, and to foster discussions with critical feminist and empowering pedagogy.

This first phase of funding will also allow us to ground our possible Sustainable Infradisciplinary Restorative Network. Our experience working with communities and distributed projects has given us the understanding of the key role of restorative practice to make collaborations sustainable resilient.  At part of the restorative paradigm we are advocating for, this project will involved a restorative system, ie, a set of agreement to  can take care of our own conflicts. We will also embed a financial system, based in equity.

— Personal stories of previous collaborations —

All participants have met in person at the shared symposium:

TRANS FEMINIST HACKING: Spaces, Communities, Practices

goldjian and Kristina Haralanova met in 2006 when Stefanie and goldjian were part of the exhibition “Ministry of Hacking” in medien kunst labor ESC, Austria

Goldjian and Paula met in Montreal, for sight and sound, in an amazing workshop called “The body as a post gender sound instrument”

goldjian and I co-hosted Trans Hack Feminist conference in Montreal inspired by the one in Calafou, Spain 2014.